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    Hemorrhoid: The Health Benefits Brought By Vitamin B3 

    There is no doubt that people may encounter various conditions, but would still need a single solution for everything—better health. This is due to the fact that all of the ailments are caused by the poor lifestyle lived in by people.

    In addition to this, when it comes to lifestyle, people commonly fail in establishing a well balanced diet. Bear in mind that your diet plays a vital role in giving you enough nutrients in order to function well.

    HemorrhoidBasically, to give you one example of a condition that could be caused by poor lifestyle, you could consider hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are particularly the inflammation of your veins, which are found in your rectum and around your anus.

    Bleeding is the common sign of this condition and could even associate various digestive symptoms.

    Fortunately, there are lots of vitamins that could support your diet, such as vitamin B3.

    Vitamin B3 would even give you health benefits, such as the following:

    • Heart Health

    There is assurance that with enough vitamins B3 in your body, you would find it easier to protect your heart from a lot of diseases that could affect your heart.

    • Digestion

    The vitamin would also aid in your normal digestive function. In addition to this, it would even promote a healthy appetite for your betterment against digestion upsets. Furthermore, in relation to the said benefits, the vitamin could even promote a glowing skin and good nerves.

    • Cholesterol Levels

    The levels of cholesterol in your body, especially the LDL cholesterol, would even be decreased with the help of niacin. Also, the levels of triglyceride would also be altered very well.

    In addition to this decrease benefit, vitamin B3 would even help in increasing the HDL or good cholesterol levels in your body. The vitamin works by preventing the substance from being accumulated or absorbed through your arteries and liver.

    • Energy

    You could even get enough energy all day through vitamin B3 since it helps in the conversion of carbs, proteins, and fats into useful energy.

    • Atherosclerosis

    This is a condition that could be treated by niacin. Basically, the nutrient helps in the production of histamine, which is necessary in dilating blood vessels.

    In that way, the improvement of your blood circulation would be promoted in every area of your body. In addition to this, vitamin B3 would help in prevention and treatment of blood circulation problems.

    • Diabetes

    Niacin would also help in lowering your blood sugar levels and treat diabetes. In addition to this, it could even control the levels of HBA1C in diabetic patients.

    • Sex Dysfunction

    Vitamin B3 helps also in improving sexual life through solving problems regarding sex through improving the levels of sex hormones.

    • Osteoarthritis

    You could also trust niacin in improving the mobility of your joints. In addition to this, it could even help in strengthening your muscles and reduce its fatigue.

    Furthermore, the vitamin would even give you anti-inflammatory benefits, which would be perfect for rheumatoid arthritis.

    Visit this site for more information about Hemorrhoids.

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    Tips for Finding the Best Fat Burners in the Market 

    For many people, it’s about time that they’ve paid some attention to their body weight. With all the food that one consumes on a daily basis, along with the unhealthy lifestyle habits that they get to practice, obesity can surely become a concern.

    One cannot deny that getting overweight can lead to a host of health issues in the long run. Apart from that, it’s pretty frustrating to look at one’s self in the mirror and see just how physically huge they’ve become.

    Love handles seem to be overflowing at the sides, shirts would seem a bit tighter, and pants would no longer fit. It’s for this very reason that people are looking to avail of the benefits of fat burners.

    There are tons of supplements which can suppress one’s appetite to the point of denying any hunger cravings. They’d be able to eat a lot less and feel quite full, thus increasing their chances of losing weight.

    These would also enhance the metabolism of people, allowing them to work out rigorously and perform physical activities which would lead to the burning of any excess fats in the body.

    More calories will be burned, and old clothes will start fitting again. However, there seems to be a great deal of confusion on what sort of supplements would prove most effective.

    For those who are wondering what the best fat burning supplements are, below is a guide of the things to look out for.

    1. exercisingA good fat burning supplement should allow people to experience a significant enhancement in their metabolic rates. When a person’s metabolism is boosted, he or she can actually burn more fats, especially when physically demanding tasks such as exercising at the gym are performed. Thus, one has to perform a certain amount of research on which products can help them increase their metabolism quite effectively.
    2. Supplements which are popular with people are those which can enhance a person’s energy levels. When one is a bit overweight, he or she will feel easily exhausted when performing rather minor chores or activities. This not only makes them feel weak, but would also increase their chances of gaining even more weight. With a good supplement, people can actually receive that necessary surge of energy to keep themselves going during exercises. Calories will be reduced and fat will be burned a lot quicker.
    3. There are products out there which are released in the market simply to make a profit for companies. They would often be of poor quality, substituting essential ingredients for inferior ones. In such cases, it is essential to find a fat burning supplement which is guaranteed to be high quality and dependable. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) should have a stamp of approval on these products to acknowledge the fact that they are safe and healthy for people’s use. It is also important for people to look at customer reviews and check out what they have to say about the supplement. If it has proven effective for them, there’s a good chance that the person considering purchasing it may also experience the same benefits.

    These are three tips for people to get a hold of really dependable and high quality fat burners.

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    Living Life with Hypothyroidism 

    When you first discovered alterations in your body, how did it feel? When you were diagnosed with a disorder that you think you rarely see in real life, what was your first expression? Living the life of someone with hypothyroidism isn’t an easy endeavor.

    Most often than not, you are faced with frustrations and challenges that seem to blow up on your face every single day. The label of being sick is already a torment.

    Don’t fret much. If you are not abreast with coping, here are 5 simple tips which you might find helpful in dealing with hypothyroidism as a disease.

    • Seek immediate medical attention. Get yourself inside an expert’s clinic and disclose what you think is wrong with you. Identify relevant symptoms associated with the disease and ventilate your concerns to a doctor whose expertise lies within managing thyroid-related problems. Remember to choose a doctor you are most comfortable with. Treatments and therapies work best when doctors and clients are at ease with each other.
    • Learn. Do not rely solely on what your doctor tells you. It’s not that you are dubious of his or her expertise. It’s an assurance that you, yourself, understand the situation that you are in. Your doctor may not be with you 24/7 (unless your spouse, parents or children are doctors). It is important, then, that you learn to identify your symptoms. In this way you get to keep a good track of the disease progress. Knowing what your laboratory results means give you a greater inner peace. More so, you can seek immediate attention if in any case alterations do ensue. Managing hypothyroidism is complicated. It is important that you know what you are facing at this specific moment.
    • fatigueFocus on Details. Symptomatology and treatment are among the areas of focus when managing hypothyroidism. These areas can directly affect your lifestyle. Focusing on these areas enable you to adjust your lifestyle to suit the changes that the disorder made. For example, hypothyroidism is highly associated with periods of fatigue. Then, a wise client like you should manage your daily schedule by prioritizing activities and alternating periods of rest and activity. Major lifestyle modifications may be hard to pursue at first. With proper guidance and support.
    • Establish a good support system. Most often than not, diagnosed clients fall into depressive states. It is important that you have a supportive environment at home and at work. Do consider joining support groups. These associations are geared towards helping clients with the disorder coping.

    What more can such a disease take away from you? Nothing! Hypothyroidism may be a disease for life, but it couldn’t take away everything from you unless you let it do so. Life is a matter of perspective.

    If you narrowly believe it as a boundary to death, then, you are digging a grave a little too soon. Look at it at a wider scope. Hypothyroidism isn’t a life to live but life can be lived even at the brink of it.

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    Raspberry Ketone: The Great Benefits Of Losing Weight 

    There is no doubt that more and more people are demanding for nutrients and supplements that could help them improve their living. In actuality, you have to determine your current condition first.

    This is due to the fact that it could give you the answer to what type of supplement you need. However, if you are looking for a general treatment, you could consider effective supplements like Raspberry ketone.

    This is a supplement extract that has been found to be effective for your overall health. It is rich in various nutrients, which could also bring you a lot of benefits such as weight loss.

    well-balanced dietRaspberry ketone is found with necessary fat burners for your body. Moreover, it has been emphasized that if you even combine it with well-balanced diet and regular exercise, you would be making most out of your weight loss efforts.

    You don’t have to be bothered about the change the supplement could offer you, for weight loss could give you these benefits:

    • Social Benefits

    You could be certain that by reducing your weight, you would be noticed at work. Basically, if you would be working with an overeating crowd, you would find it easy to impress people around you. Do you know that you could even encourage the people around you to eat healthily?

    Furthermore, if you would eat healthily, you could be deemed a good leader as well. This is due to the fact that eating healthily would send the message that you could take care of yourself, thus, a business as well.

    • Survival from Diseases

    There are various benefits that could be provided by weight loss when it comes to weight loss. For instance, in terms of type 2 diabetes, weight loss would help in your recovery for you would no longer aggravate the symptoms of the condition.

    Moreover, if you would achieve weight loss, you would decrease your blood pressure. Furthermore, it has been found out that if you would lose weight, you would find it easy to lower the levels of blood sugar in your body.

    Also, if you would lose weight, you would find it easier to breathe. Also, sleeping issues could already be solved by your weight change. This is brought by the fact that a healthy weight loss could improve your sleep patterns.

    • Sex Drive Connection

    It has been found out that being overweight or obese could affect your sexual drive. If you would be losing fats away from your body, you would find it easy to support the production of necessary hormones for better sexual stimulation.

    • Cost Savings

    As obvious as it is, there is no doubt that with weight loss, you would be reducing your budget for foods. In addition to this, if you would lose weight, you’ll find it easier to prevent compensation requirements for hospitalization.

    The above weight loss benefits would definitely give you a better future and long life. Just make sure that you would choose the right support, such as raspberry ketone.

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    Diet Pills to Manage Appetite 

    Dieting is a great way to lose weight. Unfortunately, dieting can be hard to maintain especially if one has a very big appetite. It can be hard to ignore the urges brought about by a good appetite.

    In fact, many a prospective diet program has been ruined because people just cannot ignore their urge to eat. A person’s appetite is one of the biggest factors that can ruin a person’s diet.

    This is why if a person wants to stick to a diet, he must find a way to manage his appetite. One of the best ways to do this is to go with diet pills.

    For those who wish to know more, here are some basic facts about diet pills.

    • Diet pills help control a person’s appetite

    Appetite control is one of the best benefits of diet pills. This is because it contains many special ingredients that help a person manage his or her appetite. One of the ways that diet pills regulate appetite is to introduce special ingredients to the body that makes the body lose its appetite.

    This ensures that people who are on a diet have no urge to eat at all. This will render the person who is dieting to have an easier time sticking to their diet program.

    Thanks to diet pills, there will no longer be any temptation to eat food outside of the program.

    • Diet pills also help in burning fat

    appetite suppressantNot all diet pills function just as appetite suppressants. There are also diet pills that are designed to help in burning fat. Some diet pills contain substances like l-carnitine. This is a special ingredient that can help maximize the body’s ability to burn fat through exercise.

    By incorporating fat burning diet pills with a working diet and a great exercise program, people can actually enjoy excellent weight loss results.

    Diet pills are now being incorporated by many personal trainers in the weight loss program that they implement for their clients. Weight loss is definitely made easier thanks to the help of diet pills.

    • Diet pills help people with poor self discipline

    If a person has poor self discipline, following a strict diet program can be quite difficult for them. Every time they see delicious food that is out of their diet program, they will have a hard time ignoring the urge to eat it.

    One has to understand that people who are on a diet are always hungry. This is because of their huge appetite and very large stomach. This means they are physically unable to manage their appetite to stick to a strict diet.

    If they have poor discipline, the only option that they have is to go with diet pills in order to stick to their diet program.

    People who are interested in diet pills should talk with a nutritionist. This will ensure that they are able to pick the right diet pills that will work with their current diet program. With the help of diet pills, people will definitely be able to lose weight in a very significant level.

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    Treating Hemorrhoids with Surgery 

    Hemorrhoids are among the most common complaints of individuals worldwide. Without any inclination on sex, race or age, piles occur almost every day at random interval to an arbitrary number of people.

    You, as well, might have suffered this unwanted, uncomfortable issue.

    Aside from the fact that they make bowel movements so difficult, hemorrhoids cause a cascade of problems when left untreated. Pain and bleeding are 2 of the many complications which results from unmanaged piles.

    When medications and warm compresses give up, seeking a surgeon might just be your ticket to hemorrhoid-free days.

    The primary treatments to hemorrhoids are medications that relieve both inflammation and irritation.

    Coupled with lifestyle modifications (a heap of high-fiber foods, tons of fluids and adequate amounts of physical activity as well as a routine for bowel movements), you can say goodbye to piles.

    However, not all of these treatments work wonders to everyone. At some point, you might want to give up the conventional ways and get on the fast track.

    Surgery…provides you with an instant fix. Though it does not promise a scar-free life, it can assure you that you’ll be off piles’ radar in no time.

    What are your options?

    There are minimally invasive and major surgical procedures offered. For clients with persistent hemorrhoids at mild to moderate cases, minimally invasive procedures are often advised.

    For those, on the other hand, who have recurrently large piles, a major surgical procedure may be done.

    • Rubber Bands Work Wonders

    Rubber band ligation or hemorrhoid banding, as medical personnel would call it, is an out-patient surgical procedure. It is done by tying rubber band/bands at the base of the hemorrhoid.

    The main goal is to cut off the circulation to the pile which will eventually wither and fall off in a week. CONS: Though in rare cases, bleeding might occur within 2 to 4 days after the banding. Additionally, it is uncomfortable.

    • Injections…Again!

    Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure that requires injection of an agent into the hemorrhoid tissue.

    This substance causes the hemorrhoids to sclerose (shrink) until it appears much like a scar. CONS: Critics claim that sclerotherapy isn’t as effective as hemorrhoid banding in most cases.

    • Coagulation Treatments All Over Again

    Coagulation procedures with the use of infrared light, laser or bipolar heat induce hardening and shriveling of the piles. They are usually advised to treat bleeding internal hemorrhoids which are small in configuration.

    CONS: Clients who undergone this procedure experience a higher rate of hemorrhoid recurrence.

    • Removal with a Scalpel

    HemorrhoidectomyHemorrhoidectomy or hemorrhoid removal is an open surgical procedure. It makes use of either or a combination of local anesthesia, sedation, general and spinal anesthesia.

    It involves removal of hemorrhoids and excess tissues, as well as cauterization or coagulation of bleeding areas. It remains to be the most effective way in treating piles.

    Treatment of hemorrhoids, whether contemporary or traditional, is still by preference. Just remember not to take any hasty decisions. Think clearly and be responsible for your choice.

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    Fat Burner Tips: Work it OUT! 

    Looking for the perfect remedy to your excess flab? We are all obsessed with paper-thin models and size 2-3 dresses. Everybody tries to fit into the clichéd description of beauty. The increasing numbers of iconic beauties with vital statistics of 36-24-36 only makes matters worse.

    Not everyone, though, look into weight loss and fat burning programs as aesthetic perks. Some people find great value in these therapies as a part of their healthy lifestyles.

    If you are a beginner in this field, starting off might be quite on the rocks. Some people get themselves confused and ended up in square one. Some fail because they started sooner than they are prepared. So how are you going to get the hype of burning fat?

    That’s when you lay out a plan.

    • Identify and Realize that you have a Problem. You can only remedy problems. If you don’t find anything wrong with what you are, then, you have no agenda wasting your time with activities you don’t care about. When you established the fact that you have a problem, you tend to be focused and determined enough to work a solution. People who doesn’t find a problem with how they look or weigh usually end with failure. Why? Because they lose interest too soon. After all, why would they find a solution to a problem that never existed?
    • Set REALISTIC Goals. Many dieters and weight watchers fail because they end up frustrated with their programs. Why? Because they set goals which are too good to be true. Can you lose more than 20 pounds in a week’s time? That isn’t a feasible goal. If you wish to lose more than you can imagine, set a realistic time frame for a realistic goal. Remember to make your goals measurable, so that you will be able to evaluate your progress.
    • skatingIncrease your Activities. If you want to burn more calories, get up and move! Engage yourself in activities that you would see yourself doing for a long period of time. For example, if you hate to jog, why not skate? If you couldn’t swim, why not go biking? If you prefer to live by the rules of the ice, why not go ice skating? The main idea is to increase your calorie wastage. Stop yourself from being a couch potato!
    • Do count your caloric intake. The food that you eat is who you are. Make sure that you make it a point to keep track of what you put in your gut. Starvation is not an option. When you hunger yourself, the body tends to reserve more. In turn, this slows down your metabolism and increases your reserves. Do maintain a well-balanced diet. Increase your water intake and pamper your meals with vegetables and fruits. Add a little of your go, grow, and glow. It is better to keep your meals simple. In that way, you get to taste a little of everything.

    Fat burning isn’t death on the line. Don’t make it a suicide note.

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    Understanding Hypothyroidism 

    Hypothyroidism isn’t a condition to be overlooked. While many health professionals give a streak of hope to ponder on, many clients associate death with this seemingly unpreventable disease.

    Furthermore, the fact that it doesn’t go away for good only makes the dilemma and anxiety worse than it is now. It isn’t fit, though, to judge by what you hear alone.

    Now, more than ever, it is important to sort out which statements to believe in. It’s about time to give light and justice to what people think as an incurable disease – hypothyroidism.

    Back to the Basics

    Hypothyroidism is a disorder associated with the thyroid gland. The question is what is the thyroid gland? What is its purpose in the human body?

    The thyroid gland is the organ of the body which releases hormones related to metabolism. It is a butterfly-shaped organ located in front of your neck just below your larynx or voice box.

    The main points about your thyroid gland are summarized in these points.

    • It is about 5cm in length and 3cm in width and about 30g in weight.
    • It produces 3 relevant hormones thyroxine (T4), triiodothyronin (T3) and calcitonin.
    • T3 and T4 are responsible in regulating the metabolic processes of the body. In a sense, these hormones are highly responsible for cell replication and sensitivity of the body to oxygen and other hormones.
    • Calcitonin is responsible in regulating calcium levels in the body.

    A Description

    Hypo- means decrease or diminished while –thyroidism is a term highly associated with the thyroid gland and its functioning. Technically, the term hypothyroidism would refer to a diminished capacity of the thyroid gland to perform its functions.

    This alteration contributes to cascading of events that will eventually lead to multi-organ underdevelopment or failure.

    Epidemiology – Looking through Numbers

    • Hypothyroidism is a common disorder affecting older women usually beyond the age of 50. It may occur, however, at any age.
    • Hypothyroidism is also common among clients who were and are diagnosed with hyperthyroidism or were and are receiving medications aimed to suppress an overactive thyroid gland.
    • More than 95% of clients diagnosed with hypothyroidism primarily have dysfunctional thyroid glands.
    • Clients who have had undergone radiation therapies (cancer-related therapies) concentrated on the neck area are also at risk to develop this disorder.

    Symptomatology – What to look into?

    One clue in identifying hypothyroidism is to remember the word “SLOW”. Since the disease is related to a diminished ability to produce hormones for metabolism, everything turns into a downhill run. What will you expect?

    • Sluggishness, tiredness and fatigue
    • Increased intolerance to cold
    • Constipation and unexplained weight gain
    • Pale and dry skin; facial puffiness and hoarse voice
    • Muscle and joint aches, pain and stiffness
    • Delayed mental reaction with consequent delayed speech
    • Emotional alterations include irritability, appears apathetic
    • Irregular menses in women

    seeking medical consultSeeking Medical Consult

    If you do experience any of the symptoms, seek immediate medical attention. It is important to identify whether what you have is hypothyroidism or not. Be wittier than your symptoms. Consult your doctor now.

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    Raspberry Ketone: A Miracle Fat Burner 

    Everybody who feels that they are overweight is always on the lookout for great ways to lose weight. This often means finding ways in which they can shed off the pounds with the least amount of effort.

    One of the ways to get this is to try out Raspberry Ketone supplements. These are special supplements that are known to help a person in many ways.

    It has many health benefits and these benefits are the main reason why Raspberry Ketone supplements are slowly becoming popular all over the world. More and more people are starting to appreciate what Raspberry Ketone can do for them.

    For those who are unfamiliar with Raspberry Ketone and its effects, here are some facts that they should know.

    • Raspberry Ketone is a natural fruit extract

    raspberriesRaspberry Ketone is naturally found in Raspberries. Aside from this they are also found in Cranberries and Blackberries. It is used in perfumes as well as cosmetics. They are also used as flavor components.

    Because of this, there are really many good benefits and practical uses for Raspberry Ketone. As such, it is well represented in many industries. It takes quite a lot of Raspberries in order to extract a usable amount of Raspberry Ketone.

    As such, one can say that it is a rare ingredient that many industries are willing to pay a premium for. This natural extract can be considered a miracle drug because of the many benefits and effects that it brings.

    • Raspberry Ketone prevents the growth of fat tissues

    One of the recent discoveries about Raspberry Ketone is the fact that it was found that it can actually help prevent the growth of fat tissues. Fat tissues are often generated if the body eats too much food that cannot be converted to energy.

    Instead of energy, this food eventually becomes fat. However, thanks to Raspberry Ketone supplements, people can significantly prevent the conversion of too much food to fat. This enables people to effectively manage their weight.

    In fact, it is because of these awesome benefits that really make Raspberry Ketone supplements quite popular with the weight loss industry.

    • Raspberry Ketone helps with burning fat

    Aside from weight management, Raspberry Ketone can also function as fat burners. This means they can actually be used to make people get the fattest loss out of their workout program.

    Exercising is a great way to burn fat and Raspberry Ketone supplements can actually be used to make a person burn more fats through exercise. As such, weight loss programs can really get the best results if they use Raspberry Ketone supplements.

    In fact, many physical trainers are starting to appreciate what this awesome natural product can actually do for the body. Weight loss just got easier thanks to this.

    For those who wish to enjoy the benefits of Raspberry Ketone, they can choose from any of the available products online.

    Each of these products contains the necessary Raspberry ketone that they need in order to enjoy excellent weight loss results.

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    Benefits of Diet Pills 

    Everybody dreams about losing weight. This is because losing weight is a big factor in having a healthy and happy lifestyle. It cannot be denied that in this modern world, being healthy is a very important thing.

    Unfortunately, losing weight takes up a lot of time and effort. This is why people are always on the lookout for ways to lose weight without spending too much time and effort. These include using diet pills.

    For those who are curious about what kind of benefits diet pills can actually provide, here is a short list.

    • Help stick to a very strict diet

    strict dietOne of the best ways to lose weight is through dieting. Dieting ensures that the body only takes in the food that it needs in order to function and not too much that any excess food will be converted into actual fat.

    This is why dieting is quite a very difficult task to do. It takes a lot of self discipline in order to stick to a diet. There are many people who lack this discipline. It is a good thing that diet pills can actually help them with sticking to a diet.

    Diet pills are great because they are great appetite suppressants. This helps a lot in controlling one’s urges and enables them to follow their diet program to the letter.

    • Helps prevent fat absorption

    Many people also enjoy the fact that diet pills helps prevent fat absorption. What happens here is that some diet pills contain special substances that make the body stop from absorbing fat?

    Instead of absorbing the fat, the body will just flush it down the system. No matter how one tries to stick to a diet, one cannot deny that there will always be a little fat that will be included in their food. It is a good thing that diet pills can actually help prevent the body from absorbing this unwanted fat.

    • Helps burn fat

    Diet pills do not just suppress fat deposits; they are also very good in burning fat. There are many diet pills that contain special fat burner ingredients that they can actually use in order to properly address their fat deposits.

    These fat burning diet pills are really a big help because it enables a person to maximize the weight loss that they can get out of the exercise program that they are following. The ability of diet pills to help burn fat can definitely maximize the weight loss results of any available program.

    • Very safe and affordable

    Diet pills are also safe and very affordable. This is why anybody who wants to make their lives less problematic and have better weight loss results is welcome to use it. They can buy these pills online or from a specialty store.

    For those who want to know more about diet pills, they should talk with a nutritionist. This will ensure that they are able to make the right choices as to which diet pill product to buy and use.

    A doctor is also another good resource for help.

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